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How Standing Still Leads to Enlightenment: A Case for Meditation

So much of our lives are spent moving from one task to the next, without much thought or contemplation in between or during. It is in this frenetic routine that the years slip by without much progress and we find ourselves in places or situations we never intended to be in. Without the excessive outside stimulus that we've been accustomed to distracting us from the pains and worries of our lives, it can be hard to know how to deal with the emotional turmoil prevalent in this crisis. This is precisely where meditation can be most helpful.

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Springtime in Savannah: A Photo Essay

Every opportunity to walk in a secluded place with flowers and sunshine and greenery is a blessing in this stressful, anxiety-filled time that we are all experiencing. I decided to take my camera along on the last couple of trail walks my partner and I went on so that I could capture the beauty and share it with you. If you happen to be stuck in a city or inside or there is still snow on the ground where you live, I hope these brighten your day and maybe even your outlook.

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The Bare Minimum and How It Can Help You Thrive

The idea of doing the bare minimum is commonly associated with being lazy, apathetic, and uncommitted. I would argue, however, that it is exactly the opposite of those things. Have you heard the phrase "done is better than perfect"? Well, "The Bare Minimum" is basically the same concept. It advocates that a single, tiny step forward is better than planning to run a mile and then never leaving the couch. Let me explain.

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